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The comments of the source code are somewhat misleading in certain cases.
There are admitting sections of 'copy and paste' code blocks from various other self created code block in which have been previously documented by thy self however I have not corrected the tiny mistakes in all places therein the source code inter alia.
Additionally I believe more comments are better then no comments or any other comment at all, for instance in the switching of the PMPP information and SNMP Information in the Airlink/Dialog.cs is required to the implementation of the agent and the way it is designed by the modem manufacturer (including but not limited to the various standards in which the device conforms) that certain actions are performed and then restored, while this may be obvious to a computer programmer with great experience others may ask why this is occurring and is the reason for additional comments.
This is in my humble opinion and I will willingly take action wherever possible at my first earliest convenience if first approved by the powers that be.
Please leave your comments so that they may deliberate with us and through us.